Join me for a Practical Pause

Get your dose of distraction-free “Me-Time”

Since the order to shelter in place came through, my spacious, reliable, daily routine has vanished. Instead, it seems I’m scouring news and social feeds, and I have a FULL house of people and pets. As a result, household chores and disruptions are steadily climbing.

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I created Practical Pause coworking calls as a way to add sanity back into my day while creating intentional space for attending to what matters–whatever that looks like.

Join me for 2-3x weekly coworking (virtual) calls via zoom. A place for all of us who need a protected space to be grounded, supported, seen and celebrated –and get stuff done. Cause, y’know, intentional doing is powerful and sooooo satisfying.

Oh, and it’s FREE.

Get on my list to be notified of our weekly coworking sessions. There’s no obligation. Just show up when you can (but please be prompt). You can also get updates on my facebook page

(And don’t let the term “work” throw you. This time is not obligatory or arduous and I guarantee you won’t be watching the clock.  More likely you’ll wonder where the time went and want more.)

What is Practical Pause Coworking?

It’s a break from the noise. And it’s a way to take care of yourself.

Here are some ways you can use your practical pause:

  • Organize yourself without distraction of news, social feeds and inbox inundation
  • Organize your planner, or plan your next hike
  • Clean your desk, closet, kitchen drawer
  • Send thank you notes
  • Journal, create poetry, write articles
  • Stretch, daydream, cat nap
  • Meal plan, exercise, meditate
  • learn something new
  • color-code your bookshelf. Seriously, the topic is entirely up to you and there’s no judgement

How does it work?

  • We dial into zoom at a designated time:
  • We share a declaration of how each of us wants to spend the time
  • We do a grounding practice
  • We put ourselves on mute
  • We do the thing that’s asking for our attention –from mundane to profound
  • At the end of our time (say 60 minutes) we share how we did and declare any follow up intention
  • We leave the call feeling satisfied and seen. We take that new bounce in our step into the rest of our day.

Practical Pause coworking can help you…

Overcome the temptation to take care of everyone else’s needs and finally, prioritize your own stuff.

Harness the power of community as you put some wind in your sails and establish a powerful, new routine. (Take THAT, COVID-19!)

Tune in, do great work, celebrate and be seen. And then, do it again.