Full Living After 50

Creating Your Kick-Ass Life



 Are You Ready To Live Full Out, Filled Up & Fueled After 50?

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re a high-achiever that doesn’t back down from pressure and you’re not afraid to put your ass on the line to get what you want.
  • You’re also someone who’s known for your creative fire, willingness to take action, and put your money where your mouth is.
  • As you approach 50, you’re painfully aware that your survival strategies of pleasing, proving, and perfectionism are killing you.

You’re looking for a new approach, and a new energy.

You’re hungry for the tools and experiences to help you honor yourself so that you can become more fully and magically YOU.

And you’re ready to do it in style, with top-notch support because, why not?

“In Midlife, it’s time to forget what we’ve learned and plug into what we know”

Join me and other kick-ass women for the Full Living After 50 Mastermind and enjoy:


Monthly Group Q&A and Coaching Sessions Come together to navigate challenges and opportunities in real-time. Ask questions, share what’s up for you, receive support and laser coaching.

Deep Dive Private 1-1 Sessions Get my undivided attention each month to help you get clear on what you’re creating, how you’re showing up energetically, and what soul-inspired actions to take next.

Expert Insights Each month we’ll talk with Mind, Body & Soul experts to get fresh insights and tools for creating a kick-ass life after 50.

Quarterly Pause Days Take a break from the hustle and make room for your soul’s guidance. Each virtual retreat will leave you feeling grounded with kick-ass energy and clarity.

Exclusive Community Connect with other high-vibe women committed to expansion, alignment, and ease.

You can no longer afford to put off your dreams or serve the status quo. You’re here to make a difference.

In this 6-month program, I will provide the energetic tools, practices, and fiercely loving guidance to help you:

  • Dissolve your default patterns & beliefs so you can take powerful actions that create kick-ass outcomes
  • Create a vision of your highest, most expressed self and take inspired actions every day to support the bigger and bolder person you’re becoming
  • Support your nervous system so expansion and expression feel safe
  • Love and honor all your parts so you can create potently
  • Learn how to support your body so your body supports you, especially after 50
  • Master your energy to create major breakthroughs, soul-level clarity and creative momentum in your life and business
  • Let go of the go-it-alone mentality and join a community of open, like-minded women who can’t wait to support and celebrate your journey


Hard effort & struggle are not required for success
(in fact, they often get in the way)

Taking a break from “fixing” and problem-solving
creates space for breakthrough

Accessing intuition and listening to the body’s wisdom, and other forms of non-linear knowing, is a multiplier.

There is alchemy in intention setting
& the creative power of words

Getting clear & listening to inner guidance leads to inspired action.

Flow happens when we follow intuition, impulses, and trust what comes.

How we show up energetically is crucial to creating the life we love

Upper limiting is real & we can get sucked into old patterns
to keep ourselves from stepping into our vision

Making do is not FULL LIVING.

Three Pillars Of A Kick-Ass Life

This Mastermind is for you if

  • You wish your life had less force and more flow
  • You have a habit of overcommitting and using up every last bit of energy
  • You’re drained just thinking about #allthethings
  • You’re putting off rest and self-care for “later”
  • You’re extra hard on yourself
  • You compare yourself to others and see yourself lacking
  • You let your fear of rejection, failure, or disappointment drive your decisions


It All Begins The Minute You Say, YES!

· Connect To Your Soul ·
· Activate Your Dreams ·
· Indulge Your Passion ·
· Discern Your Path ·
· Feel Alive with Opportunity ·

Is The FL50 Mastermind For You?

  • You’re sick of feeling “stuck” and stressed in your day-to-day — you want to wake up EXCITED again.
  • You’re tired of the same old, same old and ready for some new adventure, but you’re not sure HOW to fit it in or make it happen.
  • You’re looking for focus and clarity, tired of doing it all and feeling spread thin
  • You’re considering a life transition but you’re wondering “what’s next?” and you want clarity before you can really step into your next chapter.
  • You’re ready to share more authentically in your work, what you really care about and believe — and you need help to figure out how to do that in a way that feels safe.
  • You want to understand your inner guidance and intuition better… but you don’t really trust that inside voice just yet. Or maybe you KNOW your intuition is always right but lately you’re not hearing it.
  • You’re an in-your-head, problem solver but you’re also intrigued by the idea of cultivating body and intuitive wisdom.
  • You have a strong vision for what you want but can’t figure out why you’re not making progress toward it.

This Is How We Do It

  • Go from not having the time to hear yourself think, to getting clear from your own powerful intuition so you can start creating the life you love
  • Slow down in order to speed up clarity, breakthrough, and momentum in your life and business
  • Move past the blocks of pleasing, proving, and perfectionism and learn how to honor your inner wisdom and pace
  • Emerge feeling focused, inspired, and renewed in your commitment to living the kick-ass life you love
  • Manage your energy like the powerful creator you are

What If I'm Not 50?

  • This program is open to all women in midlife 40 and up.

What Are The Key Dates?

  • The FL50 Mastermind spans February through July, 2023.
  • The call schedule is still tentative and will be optimized to serve the availability of mastermind members. (Recordings of calls will be made available but live participation is encouraged). Calls are 60 minutes and currently scheduled for the fourth Wednesday of the month at noon PST / 3 EST.
  • The Pause Days are tentatively scheduled for Friday, March 10 & June 16

What You Can Expect

By the end of the 6-month program (and likely sooner), you will…

  • Feel more in tune with yourself, connect with your intuition, and know how to listen for its signs and signals
  • Have a clearer understanding of where you are in your life, what you want, and how to take inspired action toward it
  • Deepen your facility with inviting ease, practicing radical acceptance, appreciating resistance, and expressing gratitude
  • Learn how to walk yourself through future challenges in a powerful way and make decisions with clarity and confidence
  • Have WAY more confidence in your own authority and decision-making
  • Feel more connected to your body so you can hear its signals 
  • See and revel in how beautiful your life can truly be



I really appreciated the push to lean into my intuition and to find freedom in listening to my inner guidance rather than all the inner chatter of second-guessing myself 

Katherine, SF Bay Area


“Pause Box definitely helped me find clarity. I made major changes in my business that immediately allowed me to focus on higher value and more rewarding and fulfilling activities. I highly recommend Pause Box and Meredith’s coaching to anyone looking to break out of a creative rut and take yourself to the next level.”

Miranda M., Entrepreneur & Writer, Ontario, Canada


“Meredith has an uncanny ability to translate what my head is thinking to what my heart is feeling. I can happily say I am uncovering a more spiritual, heart-driven, and authentic me.”

Hilary, SF Bay Area


Meredith guided me to dig deep to find out what is really important to me in my ”future life” and how to remove the obstacles holding me back. Her warmth, wisdom, and support was very helpful.

Susan, entrepreneur, SF Bay Area


With kind and honest energy, Meredith guided me to tune in to my inner voice and authority. She helped me melt away a hardness that I was holding onto as I’ve worked to fit myself into what I’ve perceived as “the right way” to lead.
Sarah, San Diego, CA

 It’s time to retire the strategies of try harder, work more, be better

Let’s talk and see if this program is a fit

Yes, I’m ready to create my kick-ass life!

  • Radical self-compassion
  • Clarity & breakthrough coaching 
  • Energy cultivation techniques
  • Mindset tools and strategies
  • A community holding the vision with me 

How Are You Showing Up?

Are you showing up energetically as a leader and creator? or is your energy mixed with doubt, fear, and lack? What if there was a practical system to help you find your way back to optimal energy even when you feel triggered, tired, or overwhelmed?