Energy Mastermind

& Sedona Retreat


Hello Rockstar!

As business leaders we make things happen. We get results. We have to be our own movers and shakers. But what happens when all that focus on performance turns our life into one big Hustle–with no time for fun, pleasure, creativity, and connection? 

Our energy is our most important resource

But you know what happens. 

We burn out. We lose the connection to our Creator Energy and we default into scarcity and lack. 

If you’re reading this, you’re looking for A New Way. 

You know (or sense) you are already a powerful Creator and you’re being called to make more of a difference in the world.

Are you Ready to…


Find out how much your current energy could be costing you? {Everything}


Create major breakthroughs about how you’re showing up and what shifts will make all the difference


Have confidence using your intuition as a guide – even in high-stakes situations


Create results without having to over-deliver, work more arduous hours, or constantly prove yourself


And create soul-level clarity and momentum in your life and business…

Then The Energy Mastermind & Slow Down Sedona retreat are for YOU.

Listen, none of this information should sound new to you. 

We’ve all flamed out –or come close– at least once in our lives and we know the cost that comes with it. Not only are we personally depleted when we’re in Hustle energy, but we’re also disconnected from friends, family, and partners. 

Most importantly, we’ve disconnected from the wisdom of our body and soul. 

All because It’s just too tempting to stay in the pattern of working, pushing, and proving. It’s an old strategy that just doesn’t cut it anymore.  Not when it comes to your calling and manifesting your big vision.


You Pay Attention To Your Energy

How you show up energetically is crucial to creating the life and business you love

Showing up in clear energy makes you POTENT and has a multiplier effect on your outcomes

Using your attention and action purposefully helps shift and up-level your results


Twice-monthly Group Coaching Calls designed for both Transformation and Integration of your Golden Zone energy

A personal coaching session where we get clear on what you’re creating and bust through any blocks in the way

Plus, rich connections with like-minded women (aka rockstars!) who are committed to expansion, alignment, and ease

The Pause Box Energy Mastermind is a 3-month container of support to help you practice the HOW of creating the life and business you love through soul-guided clarity and inspired action. 

After all, it’s not enough to simply know the techniques, we have to practice them, embody them, feel into, and own our Creator Energy every day. We must also be willing to see and be seen in our magic and embrace our intuitive gifts –not hide from them. 

The Pause Box Energy Mastermind is here to remind you of how powerful you are. 

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my business took off when I actively sought out and created community –a spiritual community with other high-vibration, resourceful women. 

In this Energy Mastermind, you will:

  • Broaden your tools to help maximize your access to Golden Zone Energy
  • Dial up the trust in your inner wisdom and intuitive gifts
  • Grow in your ability to manifest your vision
  • Master your intentions and clean up default energy
  • Deepen your capacity for abundance and flow
  • Expand your belief in what’s possible
  • Powerfully connect to your truth in order to live a more whole and fully-expressed life

Transformation isn’t Something We Do Alone

The Energy Mastermind & Retreat is not for newbies. It’s for women on a spiritual path who are looking to deepen their trust and connection to their TRUTH. Here’s what we believe.

 The Energy we’re being is more powerful than our actions alone

  Transformation accelerates in community

 Divine timing and the nature of the universe is abundant

  Hard effort and struggle are not required for success

 Trusting our intuitive gifts helps us receive the wisdom of our body and other non-linear knowing

Did I mention the retreat?

Oh yes! 

The Slow Down Sedona Retreat is for women who are ready to take a break from the hustle and make room for their soul’s guidance in a powerful way.

The All-Inclusive Slow Down Sedona Retreat

This intimate group of amazing women will meet in Sedona, July 11-15, 2022

The Slow Down Sedona Retreat is an essential element of the Energy Mastermind.


4-nights luxury lodging with sweeping Sedona mountain views in an energetically healing space blessed by Tibetan monks.


3 full days of transformational experience, excursions, and meals


Full moon ceremony, energy activities, movement, lots of inner-time, laser coaching, and siestas


An intimate (6-person) cohort of open-hearted and like-minded women to witness you and celebrate your journey


Plus, an additional Retreat kickoff and intention-setting call, post-retreat integration call, and a 45-minute personalized session with Meredith to review your post-retreat "clarity plan"

The Pause Box Energy Mastermind is by invitation only. Let’s talk to see if it’s a fit!



“Meredith walks the walk. She has the ability to listen deeply and hear what’s being said beneath the words.”

Linda, Chief Operation Officer, Connecticut


“I really appreciated the push to lean into my intuition and to find freedom in listening to my inner guidance rather than all the inner chatter of second-guessing myself.”

Katherine, SF Bay Area


“I learned how to get rid of old thinking and look at things with a new perspective.”

Susan, entrepreneur, SF Bay Area


“I’m so grateful to Meredith for creating a safe space to recharge and reconnect! I forget to take time to tune in to Source (God, the Universe) and get quiet enough to hear that internal guidance.”

Lisa Dunford Dickman, Coach, Writer, and Creative


“Meredith really knows her craft and the approach she shares makes learning how to manage my energy so simple.”

Jen, Pastry Chef & Entrepreneur from Connecticut


“I can happily say that I see my path now is not only paved with forward motion but I am uncovering a more spiritual, heart-driven, and authentic me.”

Hilary from SF Bay Area

Energy Mastermind

Is there an option to join the Energy Mastermind now & then decide on the retreat later?

The Energy Mastermind is foundational to the Sedona retreat experience. If you know you can’t attend the retreat, but still want to grow your mastery, let’s talk. 

What are the proposed days of the week and times of the Mastermind calls?

The call schedule is still tentative and will be optimized to serve the availability of mastermind members. (Recordings of calls will be made available but live participation is encouraged). Calls are 60-minutes and currently scheduled for two Wednesdays of the month at 1 PST / 4 EST.

What are the key dates?

The Energy Mastermind spans June through August. The Sedona Retreat is July 11-15. 

What if I’m not available to be on the live calls?

All calls will be recorded. 


Won’t it be too hot to do anything in Sedona in July?

Yes, it will be WAY too hot for business as usual.The high temperatures will help to remind us to slow down. There are no physically strenuous activities planned for this retreat. July is also the monsoon season in the desert. If we’re lucky, we’ll get to experience a desert rain shower. 

What will the Retreat accommodation be like?

The retreat is located in a peaceful, luxurious and unique 4 Bed / 3 Bath, two story home with impressive 180 degree Sedona mountain views. Less than 10 minutes away from Uptown Sedona. This home is pet free, non-smoking, and uses non-toxic cleaning products.

Are private rooms available?

Yes, the Sedona house offers 3 private rooms and 1 shared room with 2 queen-size beds. Rooms will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

What can I expect over 3 days of retreat?

We’ll use a combination of storytelling, teaching, coaching, sharing, and experiential exercises to help deepen your inner knowing . We’ll allow for plenty of tuning in time to tap into your soul’s guidance and messages.

What’s included in the retreat?

lodging, excursions, activities, and meals. Participants are expected to arrange their own airfare and transfer to Sedona. You will not need your own vehicle in Sedona.

Will I have time to do sight-seeing while I’m there?

 The retreat is a container for deep reflection, connection, and transformation. Our activities are designed with that in mind. If you’re interested in exploring Sedona or the Grand Canyon, I recommend extending your stay. 

What if I have dietary restrictions?

I am confident that we can accommodate all dietary preferences

Will we be leaving the property?

Yes. I have organized activities and excursions that align with our transformational theme of relax, receive, renew. 

Is a payment plan available?

Yes, a monthly payment plan is available at no extra cost.

What is the cancellation policy for the retreat?

If you must cancel, I can put your payment towards a future retreat or 1:1 coaching. I do not offer refunds.