Rip & Reveal Intuitive Breakthrough Session

Are you ready to design your next chapter but you’re not sure which path to take? Are you stuck overthinking or rethinking? In our 1:1 Rip & Reveal session, I’ll show you how to call on your intuition to get the input you need to start taking inspired action. Consider it a (gentle) shove in the right direction from your inner guide.

Personal Pause Day

Pause Box offers a Personal Pause Day experience designed just for you and what’s coming up in your life, complete with a personal playbook and guided, custom content individualized for you. Your Pause Day is designed to give you the self-created guidance that you need to find your own best answers.

Virtual Group Retreats

The Pause Box Rip & Reveal Group Retreat is a three-hour, mini-retreat to help you recharge and get clear. I’ll share my approach to help you tap into inner guidance and get clear on any question that is coming up for you. Also included is one accountability call to ensure you’re taking inspired action toward your goal.

schedule a discovery call to see which one is the right fit for you.