Pause Box Subscription

Is your soul asking for more room and more attention? 

Could you benefit from a monthly placeholder for pause?

Make space for clarity and intention with the Pause Box Alter Cards subscription

Kick off your subscription with your very own Pause Box Alter Bag. In this starter kit, you get:

  • Custom Pause Box Alter Bag
  • Flameless candle
  • Calm Chamomile tea
  • Palo Santo smudge stick
  • 4 full-color Alter Cards to support intention-setting
  • An attractive stand for your Alter Cards to keep your intention front and center.
  • Guide to getting started with pause

In addition, your subscription includes:

  • Convenient, monthly mailing of Alter Cards to your door to help you consistently make space for clarity and intention.
  • Fresh, inspiring images designed specifically for each month’s energy, theme, and unique spiritual messages.
  • A monthly note from me that highlights ways to use the cards for deep reflection and powerful intention-setting.
  • Membership to Pausibility, a private Facebook group where you’ll enjoy training, tips, meditations, Q&A, special guests, and support from a high-vibe community.
  • And to top it off, your pause helps others. 10% of Pause Box proceeds are donated to the Enneagram Prison Project 

Make you and your self-care a priority.