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Make your self-care a priority.

Essential Oil Blend
The Pausibility Blend is exclusively designed for Pause Box using the finest essential oils from doTERRA.
Use this blend during sacred ritual, intention-setting, meditation, journaling, visualizations, and connecting with your inner creator.
Alter Card Subscription
With a purchase of a Pause Box Alter Cards Subscription, you get a monthly program that makes space for clarity and intention.
Permission to Pause Gift Box
This box is designed with rituals and objects to help you– or a loved one– create a sacred space for recharge, reflection, and renewal.
1:1 Breakthrough Session
Our Rip & Reveal intuitive breakthrough session will leave you feeling clear and open to possibility. Plus, you’ll have at least one concrete step to take in the direction of your desire. And, I’ll be here to hold you to it. (lovingly, of course!)