Virtual Group Retreats

Recharge and Get Clear Virtual Retreat

What if you had the clarity and confidence to leave what’s not working and boldly create the next best version of you?

In this Pause mini-retreat, I help you powerfully frame a life question in a way that sparks intuition and guide you toward one clear action you can take toward your future vision. 


Do you have a question, issue or decision you need some clarity on? Here are some examples from past participants:

  • What if I change what I’m doing for work?
  • How can I grow my business without getting trapped in overworking?
  • What if I opened up to the possibility of a new partner?
  • What kind of leader do I need to be in order to thrive in this new role?
  • What if I explored my passion?
  • What if I was kinder to myself and my body?

Or maybe you’ve been too busy to think about anything and just need time to simply check-in?

Next event is mid-September. Check back for details

Join me and a group of likeminded women for a 3-hour, guided virtual retreat and you’ll get

  • A How-To Guide on preparing for and getting the most out of your Pause experience
  • Resources to help you powerfully frame your life question in a way that sparks intuition
  • One clear action you can take toward your future vision
  • One Clarity Call, after the retreat, to help answer questions and offer strategies for moving forward

Do you prefer to retreat with your girlfriends or your own study group? or maybe you want the privacy and focus of a 1:1 retreat? Ask about private retreat availability by emailing me at meredithvaish at