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Meredith Vaish is a Coach, Speaker, and Host of Full Living After 50 Conversations. She helps women step into their biggest dreams without draining themselves.

Meredith is a recovering over-doer who left corporate for a year-long ‘soulbbatical’ where she discovered that pause isn’t the absence of doing, it’s the most powerful doing there is.

Now she’s on a mission to help other movers, do-ers, and improvers break free from the overwhelm of being always on and show them how to master their energy to create a life they really love.

Meredith speaks on the topics of intuition and energy, the patterns of pleasing, proving, and perfectionism,  and what it takes to live fully after 50.

She teaches her system, The Energy Map, to help women see how they’re showing up energetically and how they can leave behind the hustle for good.

Meredith is a certified Sourced (™) Leader and Retreat Master, Enneagram expert, and Host of Full Living After 50 Conversations. She lives with her family in the SF Bay Area.

 Speaking Spotlight

Highlights from my Women In Leadership Nexus talk

“Play Bigger Without the Burnout”


  • The Pause Interrupt: 5 Steps to More Potent Energy 
  • Master Your Energy: How To Play Bigger Without The Burnout

Are you ready to break free from the hustle?

A skillful pause isn’t the absence of doing,

it’s the most powerful doing there is.


Meredith’s story helped participants recognize that there is a downside to being constantly on. The framework she shared helped them make the leap to see what specifically they need to transform in order to improve in their lives.

Dr. Davia Shepherd, Women’s Empowerment Leader, Ladies’ Power Lunch


“Meredith is a natural leader. She presented to our community on the importance of taking a Pause. Her real-life examples resonated with our members and made her relatable. I enjoyed her simple exercise to get us to think differently. She was able to engage the group and help everyone participate. This presentation was a great reminder of why we all need to take a Pause.”

Cindy Schroeder, Founder, Bookkeeping Buds Community


“I chose Meredith because she has a beautiful, peaceful, yet connected way with the audience. She helps others to truly have insight and an incredible experience. Each person left with something very tangible to help them with their next right steps. Meredith was the highlight of our retreat!”

Wendy Bunnell, Real Estate Maven, and Intuitive Coach


“It was the PERFECT hour! Restorative, eye-opening, and cathartic. Meredith’s spirit, passion, and conviction comes through the screen and touches your audience. What a gift to be able to learn from her!”

Carrie Majewski, Founder of Women in Leadership Nexus

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