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Manage Your Energy

& Take Back Your Power

Friday, April 2 at 9am PT & Friday, April 9 at noon PT

Ready to start living a life you love? 

Ready to learn a practical system to help you find your way back to optimal energy even when you feel triggered, tired, or overwhelmed?

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In this workshop, you’ll learn how WHAT you’re doing is not as important as HOW you’re doing it. You will learn if you’re showing up energetically as a leader and creator or if your energy is mixed with doubt, fear, and scarcity.

We’ve all been there. 

Some days we’re ON, other days we’re not. I believe we cycle through our energy patterns daily. 

But what if there’s a way to direct our energy and point it in the direction of what I call the GOLDEN zone? That’s the place where ideas flow, decisions are easy, and helpers abound.

I’m excited to share all that I’ve learned with you in this 1 hour workshop

What People are saying about Manage Your Energy Workshop:


“I’m so glad I attended this workshop. Meredith really knows her craft and the approach she shares makes learning how to manage my energy so simple.”

Jen, Pastry Chef & Entrepreneur


“Meredith’s story helped participants recognize that there is a downside to being constantly on. The framework she shared helped them make the leap to see what specifically they need to transform in order to improve in their lives.“

Dr Davia Shepherd, Women’s Empowerment Leader, Ladies’ Power Lunch


“One of the best things I walked away with was an intention that I actually am putting on a post-it note! To be, not do. Thank you Meredith for bringing this sweet and powerful intention out into the open for me.”

Naomi, Life Transition Coach


“This workshop was the perfect mix of learning something new and applying it to my own life. The framework Meredith shared for understanding how I am using my energy was so simple and so powerful. Not only did it help me understand my past patterns more it’s something I can use to support myself going forward. In a world where there are so many things vying for our time, this workshop was completely worth the investment of my full attention.”

Jessica, Course Designer and Entrepreneur

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How Are You Showing Up?

Are you showing up energetically as a leader and creator? or is your energy mixed with doubt, fear, and lack? What if there was a practical system to help you find your way back to optimal energy even when you feel triggered, tired, or overwhelmed?