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Is life really just about doing more?

We’ve bought into the belief that we need to constantly earn, fix, solve, and prove ourselves in order to get ahead. We’re high-achievers and are driven to create, improve and do.

We are fiercely independent and pride ourselves on our ability to get things done under our own steam.

But, we’re also getting tired… and we’re starting to ask, is there a better way?

Yes, there is.

I can tell you from experience that it all gets better the minute you say “Enough! I’m open to a new way.”

Clarity Catalyst. Ritualist. Movement Maker.

Hi, I’m Meredith Vaish. I’m a clarity coach and Creator of Pause Box.

I believe the most powerful way to get clear and move forward is to take a break. I’m a recovering over-doer who left corporate for a year-long ‘soulbatical.’ Thanks to what I learned during that pause, I’m now on a mission to help other creators, do-ers, and improvers break free from the overwhelm of being always-on. 

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“I received more clarity about the direction I needed to take my business as well as I listened to more of what my heart desired so I was able to take action and manifest a few connections that may otherwise not have happened.”

Anna, financial health coach from Illinois


“Thank you, Meredith Vaish for offering a safe and engaging space for tuning into our inner knowing.”

Janice, retreat leader from Georgia


“I’m understanding clarity in whole new ways.”

Manda, Intuitive Coach

How Are You Showing Up?

Are you showing up energetically as a leader and creator? or is your energy mixed with doubt, fear, and lack? What if there was a practical system to help you find your way back to optimal energy even when you feel triggered, tired, or overwhelmed?