Do you need help getting out of the hustle?

Work hard, get promoted, make money, impress people – it’s a quick way to success. But what lies under the surface is burnout. Are you ready for another way? I had a blast talking with Susan Trumpler on her podcast Unstoppable Women in Business...

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How to retire your inner taskmaster

One of the first conversations in my group coaching program "The Creator Academy" is around creating boundaries. But not the ones you'd probably expect. These boundaries are with ourselves. Why? Because when we're ready to create something new, we...

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Three excuses people give to play safe.

In this video, I share the three excuses people give to play safe. Whether it's taking on a new job or promotion, expressing ourselves creatively, or investing in our personal development, making the decision to step into a new chapter can create a...

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How Are You Showing Up?

Are you showing up energetically as a leader and creator? or is your energy mixed with doubt, fear, and lack? What if there was a practical system to help you find your way back to optimal energy even when you feel triggered, tired, or overwhelmed?