Is it time for a soulbbatical?

Have you ever been soul-tired? ⁠The daily grind has got you. There's not much to inspire you. There's work and more work and even taking a day off doesn't restore you. You're impatient and cranky and you don't even have an explanation for it. You...

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How to get out of overwhelm

Have you ever had one of THOSE days? You're cruisin' down your list of to-dos when, BAM, a few conversations here and a bit of feedback there, and you're totally overwhelmed? You stop taking notes because you just. can't....

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The hidden cost of following the rules

Today I'm talking about rules and how they can sometimes get in the way of creating your best life.If you're a hard worker, like me, you may find this topic a tad uncomfortable.After all, rules help us succeed, right? High-achievers love the...

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Still having a hard time focusing?

I gotta admit that these first two weeks of January haven't felt like the fresh new year I imagined.It's as if one day's work blends into the next without a through-line. I still show up, do my tasks, but nothing is really adding up. It feels...

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oops I burned out again

oops, I burned out again. In mid-November, I enjoyed one of my most productive months ever, and instead of feeling elated, I was exhausted. You see, I was doing #all the things an entrepreneur should do, posting to social every day,...

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How Are You Showing Up?

Are you showing up energetically as a leader and creator? or is your energy mixed with doubt, fear, and lack? What if there was a practical system to help you find your way back to optimal energy even when you feel triggered, tired, or overwhelmed?