A new look at an old devil

As high-achievers --and especially entrepreneurs--we're constantly re-inventing ourselves. During these creative seasons, our energy is split between the highs of inspiration and the lows of resistance. An essential part of the creative process is...

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What’s calling you?

  Have you ever had a place call your soul? Whether it's the sun-swept coastline, old-growth forests, expansive hilltops or lazy lake shores, there's at least one place where your body and soul come alive. For me, I've always been called to...

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Are retreats really THAT magical?

Here's the thing about retreats. They work. Why? For one, they require YOUR FULL COMMITMENT. When you take time off, invest in yourself, and get into community with a clear intention for expansion, YOU WILL GET RESULTS. This week, I returned home...

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Could you use more horse sense?

Last week, I visited Flag Ranch horse sanctuary in Paso Robles (4 hours south of San Francisco) with my daughter, Mila. We were there for a human + horse collaboration designed by ranch steward, and Flag Foundation Founder, Kimberly Carlisle. She...

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How Are You Showing Up?

Are you showing up energetically as a leader and creator? or is your energy mixed with doubt, fear, and lack? What if there was a practical system to help you find your way back to optimal energy even when you feel triggered, tired, or overwhelmed?