As high-achievers –and especially entrepreneurs–we’re constantly re-inventing ourselves.

During these creative seasons, our energy is split between the highs of inspiration and the lows of resistance.

An essential part of the creative process is UNCERTAINTY.

We’ve all been there, right?

* you wonder if people are going to want what you’re offering
* You’re not 100% confident of the plan
* you’re still hesitating about the timing or some other crucial detail

It all feels like new territory and you’re second-guessing yourself.

Uncertainty is the phase of the creative process that has the power to break us –especially if we let it lead to DOUBT.

So, in honor of all of your future fantastic ideas, let me invite you to think of UNCERTAINTY in a new, more holistic way.

The Creative Power of Uncertainty

Uncertainty isn’t bad (though it can often feel that way). It actually serves the creative process in an important way.

Just as constraints and limitations serve to create focus and urgency, uncertainty creates OPENING –a space for intuitive guidance and downloads.

Uncertainty says I don’t have all the answers, I’m listening!

My mentor says “You can’t teach a taught mind.” You need space for inspiration and insight –and uncertainty provides it!

Where I see businesswomen get stuck is when, instead of embracing uncertainty, they move into doubt.

And unlike uncertainty, doubt shuts down all creativity.

Doubt closes the blinds and locks the doors. Doubt says there’s nobody home when inner guidance knocks.

To be a powerful CREATOR, you have to get really good at showing doubt the door and honoring your uncertainty for what it is –an opportunity to tune in and ask for clarity.

So, next time you’re unsure about a decision or direction, park the doubt and ask for clarity and listen. It’s just the creative process working its way through.

You’re doing it absolutely right!