A Custom-Created Private Retreat Day For You


I believe that stopping makes you unstoppable.

Life as a high-performer is anything but easy (although we certainly make it seem effortless at times).

Between the constant juggling of work demands, family demands, and (if we’re lucky) a social life — it’s a genuine wonder how we manage to get it all done.

If you’re not yet tired, or stressed, or feeling stuck in life, wondering what’s next for you and how much longer you can keep going like this, I can tell you one thing with certainty:

Soon, you will be.

Because there is a reward for being an overachiever, but there is also a huge cost.

I can tell you from experience that it all gets better the minute you say
“Enough! I’m open to a new way.”

What I’ve personally learned over my many, many years as an overachiever is this:

You always have two choices.

You can either let life hand you a reason to pause (you burn out, your body gives out, you lose a job — or a key relationship),


You can pause on purpose — to more deeply reflect on your life, where you’re heading, what you desire, and what needs to change as you grow into this next chapter.

Personally, I prefer pausing on purpose. 

At Pause Box, we offer a Personal Pause Day experience designed just for you and what’s coming up in your life, complete with a personal playbook and guided, custom content individualized for you.

How we create your special Pause Day

  • You say YES to yourself by grabbing a slot on my calendar or sending me an email meredithvaish at pauseboxco.com. You say YES to pausing and becoming unstoppable. 

  • You get a delicious preparatory worksheet to fill out as well as an Enneagram personality assessment. Then, we schedule our kick-off call.
  • On our call, we dive into your personality habits (I am an Enneagram expert) and challenges. We identify what you want to achieve, what breakthrough you are looking for, and what’s next for you. We also decide on a date that you’ll carve out just for YOU.
  • I go off and design your Pause Day and a custom-curated Pause Box. 
  • Prior to your day, you receive a custom Pause Box in the mail — designed especially for YOU and your powerful Pause Day. Inside, you’ll get a Pause Playbook with your step-by-step agenda, instructions, and guidance for your day. It tells you exactly what to do and ask yourself to reflect upon, so you get the most out of this special pause day, plus any materials you need.
  • On the date we’ve chosen, you experience your own custom-created private retreat. 
  • One week later, we meet again for another call to follow-up and integrate your experience of your day.

Do You Need a Pause Day?

  • Are sick of feeling “stuck” and stressed in your day-to-day — you want to wake up EXCITED again.

  • Are tired of the same old, same old and ready for some new adventure or love in your life, but you’re not sure HOW to fit it in or make it happen.


  • Are wondering “what’s next?” and want a better sense for what’s possible before you can really step into your next chapter.


  • Are ready to share more of your heart in your work, what you really care about and believe — and you need guidance to figure out how to do that.


  • Want to understand your inner guidance and intuition better… but you don’t really trust that inside voice just yet. Or maybe you KNOW your intuition is always right but lately you’re not hearing it.


  • Want to commit to taking better care of yourself but can’t seem to stick with it — no matter how hard you try, something keeps getting in the way.

Every Pause Day Agenda Includes…

INTENTION — You have an overarching intention for your day based on what you most want to feel, what your challenges are, and where you need clarity or a boost.

FEELING — Special exercises will get you feeling your way into the right answers, instead of “trying” to fix, figure out, or understand by working at it or thinking about it.

MOVEMENT — Moving your body is meditative without making you sit in silence, so each Pause Day includes some form of movement.

STILLNESS — Quiet time will help you uncover answers too. I’ll give you guided audios that help you create stillness without the anxiety that often comes from sitting still.

INSPIRATION & REFLECTION— I’ll create experiences that reconnect you to your sense of awe as well as materials to review and reflect on to help you get clarity and inspire you to take action.

DEVOTION — Before your day completes, you’ll be asked to claim your devotion to your goals and dreams with a special just-for-you ritual.


“I woke up this morning energized and excited to move forward.”


“I’ve done a lot of these types of things and I really got a lot out of it! I have been looking at my goals differently and how to refocus on really what I want each day.”


“I left the Pause much more in tune with myself. I am going through a personal transition and I left the pause feeling that I was on the right path.”


“Meredith walks the walk. She has the ability to listen deeply and hear what’s being said beneath the words. I was very satisfied with our work together.”

Linda, Chief Operation Officer

The Pause Day is a

special gift
from you to you

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