I’m back from an incredible, magical South African Safari retreat.

I’m not gonna lie, re-entry has been a bit rough as I acclimate back into modern civilization and the hurried pace of the Bay Area.

But while the wisdom of the wilderness is still fresh, let me share with you my top 3 everyday lessons I learned from tracking wild animals.

1. Leverage the daily RHYTHM 🦁
On safari you wake up early (5am) and stay out after dark. Why? because for most of the animals, the heat of mid-day is energy sapping and it’s time best spent resting.

BTW, I didn’t witness one lioness say, “I’ll rest later, after I get all my work done.” She just plunked down and took the break she needed.

>>Everyday lesson #1: ✨
Maybe we should prioritize cat-naps too?
What would be possible if you honored your energetic rhythms rather than working non-stop? or working all hours? Why fight natural rhythms?

2. Unless there’s actual cause for alarm, chill the F out. 🦌
One of the most striking scenes on safari is watching how prey and predator co-exist.

The impala isn’t fretting or ruminating just because there’s a pride of lions nearby. She’s not working through past stories or future escape scenarios. She’s living her best life chowing down on fresh grass with all the other animals UNTIL there’s a legit signal of danger.

Her nervous system is well regulated. When she detects threat, she’s on it. When there’s no threat, she’s chill.

>>Everyday Lesson #2: ✨
Could it be possible to live similarly present? How much more energy would you have? How good could it feel to not be in defense mode all the time?

On our first day of safari, we got the unique privilege of watching two impalas hunted and chased by cheetahs. Both impalas got away–thanks to their well managed nervous systems, no doubt.

3. Have a plan, then let it go and follow the signs. 🐆 🐘
Each morning, we’d gather over coffee to talk about the day and what animals we wanted to call in. Our guides, Dumi & Bennie, had a plan for where they’d take us and what animals would likely be there.

Once on the road, however, all that planning got set aside. That’s when instincts and intuition took over.

My absolute favorite encounter came after a night of rain. We set off looking for the elusive leopard but instead followed fresh elephant tracks that unexpectedly lead to a whole heard of elephants including a mom and baby.

We stopped to watch the elephants ahead of us, but then even more appeared behind us.

We had found ourselves in the middle of a delicious -if not a teensy bit dangerous– “elephant sandwich.” Dumi, our wise guide and driver gently pulled us off the road into a thicket to allow space for the elephants behind us to pass.

It was the best traffic jam ever!

>>Everyday Lesson #3: ✨
Set intentions, make plans, and put yourself out there. But stay open for something even more magical than what you’re expecting.

And for goodness sake, don’t overlook elephant tracks just because you’re looking for leopards.

I’ve uploaded some videos of these encounters on FB. click here to watch

As you can see, Safari is a perfect place for leading with your intuition. But everyday life can work this way too. Especially when you honor your rhythms, relax into your body’s knowing, and follow the signs.

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Wishing you wild and magic moments!