Transitions, Reinvention, and Rebirth

Conversations with Meredith Vaish

I never thought I’d be someone whose body gave out in my 50s.

After all, I’ve lived my life doing “all the right things”, and yet, here I am in a body I don’t recognize, experiencing inexplicable weight gain with zero ability to drop it, out-of-the-ordinary lab results, stiffness and injuries, sleep disruption, and nonexistant libido.

In the last 3 years, I’ve spent both time and money looking into approaches and practices for relief. 

Now, I’m called to share what I learned with my community.

  • If you’re saying to yourself “WTF?” on a daily basis when it comes to how you feel or what your body is or isn’t doing
  • If you’re trying to hide the fact that you’re not able to operate as you once did
  • If you think your body is out of control, getting in the way, or is a total sell-out
  • If you’re feeling a hopeless overwhelm because you’ve been “doing all the right things” but it’s no longer working
  • If taking care of yourself feels like another full-time job
If this sounds like you, join me for a series of conversations with experts on how to make peace with your 50-ish body so you can continue to boldly create a life and business you love. 

Kickstart your experience with powerful resources & teachings from the Full Living After 50 experts.

Laura Morrow

Adrenals and the Role of Stress

Kayla Osterhoff

Menopause and Hormonal Imbalances

Mary Sheila Gonnella

Inflammation and Nourishment

Dr. Deb Kern

Nervous System Regulation
and Joyful Movement

Meredith Vaish

Self-Honoring, Trust,
and Intuitive Guidance

Tara Galeano & Dr. Fraya Wolf

Pleasure, Play, and Sexuality

Just for you! It’s time for some Real Talk

In this episode, we talk with five 50-ish women dealing with adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalance, inflammation, autoimmune issues, brain fog, and other mysterious crankiness. We’ll spill the beans about what’s worked, what hasn’t, and what we’ve learned about ourselves along the way. 

  • Learn About Common Symptoms
  • Discover New Options
  • Share in the Wisdom
  • Enjoy the Camaraderie

Don’t miss this lay-it-all-out-there conversation. Watch FREE Below!

real talk panel

Join the Conversation and Finally Begin to

· Access Your Body’s Wisdom ·
· Strengthen Your Relationship with Yourself ·
· Activate Your Dreams ·
· Indulge Your Passion ·
· Discern Your Path ·
· Feel Alive with Opportunity ·

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There’s strength in community and sharing our stories.

You’re in transition. The same strategies just won’t work.

Let’s create some new ones. We’ll do this together, in a supportive community of spiritually powerful, 50-ish women who’ve been there and totally get it. 

This is FOR YOU if you are:

  • Feeling baffled about your body changes
  • Unsure about what to do or who to ask for support
  • Caught in the belief that this is going to be your new normal
  • Hoping it will all just go away
  • Tired of trying to manage this on your own

This is NOT for you if you are:

    • Looking for a magic pill or want to be told what to do
    • Perpetuating “youth” or the promises of the diet and fitness culture. 
    • Not open to mystery, downloads, body knowing, and spiritual gifts
    • Not going through or have not recently gone through “the change,” you may not relate to the material deeply or urgently
    • Wanting to “fix” yourself with more restriction, criticism, and hard effort

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Hello, I’m Meredith Vaish. I’m a clarity coach and overall transformation junkie.

I’ve been on the self-development path for some time. My dad loaned me his copy of The Road Less Traveled when I was 12. I don’t think I grocked it at that age, but I appreciated the energetic power of it.

In my teens, I was the “wise one” my friends came to for advice… I think it’s because I’m really comfortable with uncomfortable emotions like fear, worry, and self-doubt.

My personal journey has been all about unwinding the unworthiness story.

Like many of you, my hyper-achievement stemmed from never feeling “enough.” So, I got real-good at pleasing, proving and doing things perfectly.

These were good strategies for a time: graduating college summa cum laude, leading teams at work, and being the go-to girl for all “impossible” projects because I knew how to make things happen.

But the result was big-time burnout. My body found ways to make me slow down: Repetitive Stress Injuries, frozen shoulders, Hashimoto’s, Adrenal fatigue, cysts, weight gain, bursitis, food allergies, appendicitis, you name it.

After leaving corporate, I created my company Pause Box so I could begin to listen and nourish my body according to my own rhythms. But life as an entrepreneur is similarly stressful and demanding.

Initially, I saw these changes as a sign of weakness and brokenness.

But in the last few years, that’s changed.

I recognize my body for the source of wisdom she is.

I created Full Living After 50 because I wanted to reframe the conversation most women are having around this time in life. 

Much of what we’ve done up until now is no longer working: the striving, the pushing through, the taking our bodies for granted. Full Living After 50 is a beautiful wake up call to a find a new way forward. One that embraces our lived experience and wakes us up to our gifts. 

This is a stage in life when we’re being asked to come home to ourselves, uplevel our energy, and birth a new way forward.

Lucky us, it’s the perfect time.

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I believe Full Living After 50 is possible if we listen deeply to our body and soul. This is the invitation into your next chapter of Transition, Reinvention, and Rebirth.

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I made major changes in my business that immediately allowed me to focus on higher value and more rewarding and fulfilling activities. I highly recommend Meredith’s coaching to anyone looking to break out of a creative rut and take yourself to the next level.

Miranda M.
Entrepreneur & Writer


“I was somewhat skeptical of retreat, as the mere thought of slowing down strikes fear in my heart, but Meredith effortlessly and gracefully guided me down the path. I came to retreat a “reluctant retreater“ and now I’m hooked. If you have an opportunity to retreat with Meredith I highly recommend it.”

Raquel T.


“Time to reinvent yourself or level up? Meredith is masterful at helping you create clarity to beat burnout and breakthrough anything that’s holding you back from showing up as the next best version of yourself. Inspiring, intuitive, high-vibe, Meredith helps you know what YOU need to feel confident, focused, & refreshed.”

Audra Garling Mika
Career Development Counselor

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