Are you someone who writes off your accomplishments or downplays your results?

Have you caught yourself saying:

It wasn’t THAT hard
Anyone could have done it
It was no biggie

As go-getters, we’re continually minimizing our accomplishments–or ignoring them altogether–as we race to the next thing.

It’s as if we’re worried that if we stop to reflect on what’s working, we’ll lose our motivation. After all, we’re wired for improvement, right?

Never “rest on your laurels” the old adage goes!

But here’s what I’ve noticed. When you minimize your success, you also undermine it.

Now, you might claim there’s not enough time to pause and appreciate what you’ve done, but I think it goes deeper.

Putting off feeling satisfied is your inner critic at work –and it’s a common form of self-sabotage.

Self-deprecating is an epidemic among high-performing women.

Do any of these sound familiar?
– Having a clean, organized home or office? Everyone has that.
– Eating well? That’s what you’re supposed to do.
– Happy, well-adjusted relationship? I can’t take credit for that.
– Stylish outfit? It would look good on anyone.
– Good at your job? Anyone could do it.
– Have a super skill? Sure, but there are so many better [insert skill ] out there.
– Amazing person? I’m good, but nothing special.

And here’s where this gets interesting. Most high-achievers have a pretty healthy self-esteem! Yes, they’re well aware of the expectations and, objectively, they know they often exceed them.

This isn’t a confidence problem.

So why the paradox? How can you know you’re amazing and yet not know you’re amazing at the same time?

Why do some of us constantly see room for improvement?

It’s an old strategy –a survival skill that has likely overstayed its welcome.

By dismissing ourselves, we avoid our feelings and fears and stay glued to doing more – because there’s ALWAYS more –and that makes us feel valued.

DOING is so much more defensible than NOT DOING, right?

But why do we need to DEFEND ourselves? and what would be possible if we could let our guard down?

Pleasing, Proving, and Perfectionism are rampant in our success-obsessed culture. We are rewarded for our busyness and achievements. We are addicted to the Hustle.

If you’re relating to this, there is hope.

In my next post, I’ll share specific ways you can reset your Hustle switch by embracing satisfaction –even when there’s more you want to do and create.

Creating from satisfaction is the amplifier.

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