Full Living

Sedona Retreat

Create your SOUL-YES, kick-ass life

July 17-21, 2023


Hello Rockstar!

When was the last time you focused on YOU? On Your fun and pleasure? On the connections that feed your soul?

As a leader, you’re really good about making things happen for others. But what about you?

And what happens when you don’t prioritize your passions, dreams, and what really matters to you?

Life feels hard. Your energy suffers… along with your body, key relationships, and even your professional life starts to get a little wobbly.

Sometimes you don’t even recognize yourself because overdoing has taken a toll on your mind, body, and soul!

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

I believe, as CREATORS, we should be able to choose what our heart desires and know how to KNOW it’s the right move.

We do this by developing INTUITIVE CONFIDENCE and taking inspired action that creates EXPANSIVE, SOUL-YES RESULTS.

And if you aren’t using that inner fire of KNOWING and soul-guided wisdom, you’re missing an essential step.

Life feels magical when you know you’re fully resourced to live your biggest life.

Are you Ready to…


Find out how much your current energy could be costing you? {Everything}


Create major breakthroughs about how you’re showing up and what shifts will make all the difference


Have confidence using your intuition as a guide – even in high-stakes situations


Create results without having to over-deliver, work more arduous hours, or constantly prove yourself


And create soul-level clarity and momentum in your life and business…

Is The Full Living Sedona retreat for YOU?

How much longer can you afford to be disconnected from the wisdom of your body and soul?  As a Clarity Coach, I know this problem well. Not only have I worked with dozens of hustling, high-achievers like you, I’ve been one myself.

And I can tell you, life starts to get way more fun, meaningful, and even more profitable when you learn to ditch the Hustle and powerfully connect to your Soul-Yes Truth. (I call that living in the Creator Zone!)

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to wake up passionate and energized again?

Join me for a luxury retreat in the rugged beauty and amplified energy of Sedona, Arizona and I’ll show you how.

How good would it feel to have…

A life that both fills you up creatively and supports you energetically

A life where you are totally turned on about what you do

A life played full out and fully aligned with the truth of who you are

A life that feels potent, inspired, and joyful

A life fully fueled, nourished and resourced

A life of your biggest dreams without the drain and overwhelm of the past


You Pay Attention To Your Energy

How you show up energetically is crucial to creating the life and business you love

Showing up in clear energy makes you POTENT and has a multiplier effect on your outcomes

Using your attention and action purposefully helps shift and up-level your results


By the end of this Retreat, you will:

  • Learn how to powerfully manage your Energy by ditching the pleasing, proving, and perfectionism and see how life falls into place effortlessly
  • Dial up the trust in your intuitive gifts so that you can make soul-aligned decisions that level up your career or business
  • Jump back into the driver’s seat by honoring your needs and pace so that your life feels joyful –not like one big list of to-dos or constant fire drills
  • Revel in the clarity of who you are and what you’re here to do and start taking action on those life changes you’ve been secretly noodling
  • Say goodbye to your Lone Wolf and leave Sedona with a treasured group of besties who totally get you

Who’s ready for retreat?

Oh yes! 

The Full Living Sedona Retreat is for all of us movers, do-ers, and improvers who are finally ready to hop off the HUSTLE hamster wheel and CREATE a life we f*cking love!

The Full Living Sedona Retreat

This intimate group of amazing women will meet in Sedona, July 17-21, 2023

The Full Living Sedona Retreat includes:


4-nights luxury lodging with sweeping Sedona mountain views in an energetically healing space blessed by Tibetan monks.


3 full days of transformational experience, excursions, and meals


rituals, energy activities, movement, lots of inner-time, laser coaching, and siestas


An intimate, VIP cohort of open-hearted and like-minded women to witness you and celebrate your journey


Plus, an additional Retreat kickoff and intention-setting call, post-retreat integration call, and a 45-minute personalized session with Meredith to review your post-retreat "clarity plan"

The Pause Box Full Living Retreat is by invitation only. Let’s talk to see if it’s a fit!


“I made major changes in my business that immediately allowed me to focus on higher value and more rewarding and fulfilling activities. I highly recommend Meredith’s coaching to anyone looking to break out of a creative rut and take yourself to the next level.” 

Miranda M., Entrepreneur & Writer, Ontario


“I really appreciated the push to lean into my intuition and to find freedom in listening to my inner guidance rather than all the inner chatter of second-guessing myself.”

Katherine, SF Bay Area


“I was somewhat skeptical of retreat, as the mere thought of slowing down strikes fear in my heart, but Meredith effortlessly and gracefully guided me down the path. I came to retreat a “reluctant retreater” and now I’m hooked. If you have an opportunity to retreat with Meredith I highly recommend it..”

Raquel T., Realtor, Salt Lake City


“I can’t rave about this experience enough. Meredith created the perfect combination of coaching, self-reflection, outdoor time in a stunning location, self-care, bonding, and personal exploration. Truly one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself.”

Kamrin Huban, Coach


“I can happily say that I see my path now is not only paved with forward motion but I am uncovering a more spiritual, heart-driven, and authentic me.”

Hilary from SF Bay Area


The Full Living Sedona Retreat price includes full access to all retreat excursions, activities, meals and luxury lodging. Airfare and transfer to Sedona is not included.

Clarity Catalyst. Midlife Mentor. Kick-Ass Creator.

Hi, I’m Meredith. I’m an Energy Coach, Pause Box CEO, and Host of Full Living After 50 Conversations. I’m passionate about helping women entrepreneurs and business leaders master their ENERGY in order to create clarity and momentum in their life and business.

I’m committed to helping women step into their biggest dreams without draining themselves and showing them how to CREATE WHAT’S NEXT guided by INTUITION.

I’m a Certified Sourced (™) Coach & Master Retreat Leader living in the SF Bay Area.


What's the weather in Sedona in July?

Sedona in July is on the hotter side (upper 90s), so our excursions are planned for the mornings.  July is also the month of monsoons! If we’re lucky, we’ll get to witness a fierce afternoon thunderstorm!

What will the Retreat accommodation be like?

The retreat is located in a peaceful, luxurious and unique 4 Bed / 3 Bath, two story home with impressive 180 degree Sedona mountain views. Less than 10 minutes away from Uptown Sedona. This home is pet free, non-smoking, and uses non-toxic cleaning products.

Who is this retreat for?

* Women 45-60
* Solopreneur, entrepreneur, corporate leader
* high-performers who are used to making a big impact but might feel on the verge of burnout.
* Women who want to thrive vs just survive.

Do I have to be over 50?

This retreat is open to all women in midlife 40 and up. 

Are private rooms available?

Yes, the Sedona house offers 3 VIP, private rooms.  

What can I expect over 3 days of retreat?

Here are some of the highlights:

* Release control and regain your flow as you float down the calm waters of the Verde River (paddling is optional!)

* Sip wine from a local, family-owned vineyard, where the rocky limestone soil and sunny climate create flavors similar to the wine-making regions of France and Italy.

* Enjoy the galleries and timeless vibe of the Tlaquepaque – Arts & Shopping Village. Tlaquepaque is a word from the Nahuatl Native Indian language, the ancient language of the Aztecs meaning the “best of everything.”

* Soak in land and sky on a silent hike to Oak Creek where you can wade in the cool spring or bask in the morning sun like a lizard on a rock.

* Explore your rhythm in an intuitive jam session and drum circle.

* Offer up a potent prayer as you walk around the sacred Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park, a place of spiritual renewal for people of all faiths.

* Enjoy clean, nourishing, whole foods that leave you feeling centered and satisfied.

* Revel in daily soul-time and siestas surrounded by breathtaking views of red rock.

* Release and let your guard down as you dance, move, laugh, and play.

* Create life-long memories with like-minded women ready to cheer you on!

What’s included in the retreat?

All lodging, excursions, activities, and meals are provided. All participants are expected to arrange their own airfare and transfer to Sedona.

Will I have time to do sight-seeing while I’m there?

 The retreat is a container for deep reflection, connection, and transformation. Our activities are designed with that in mind. If you’re interested in exploring Sedona or the Grand Canyon, I recommend extending your stay. 

What if I have dietary restrictions?

I am confident that we can accommodate all dietary preferences

Will we be leaving the property?

Yes. I have organized activities and excursions that align with our transformational theme of relax, receive, renew. 

Is a payment plan available?

Yes, a monthly payment plan is available at a small fee.

What is the cancellation policy for the retreat?

If you must cancel, I can put your payment towards a future retreat or 1:1 coaching. I do not offer refunds.