Work hard, get promoted, make money, impress people – it’s a quick way to success. But what lies under the surface is burnout. Are you ready for another way?

I had a blast talking with Susan Trumpler on her podcast Unstoppable Women in Business about how to manage your energy out of the hustle zone and into the GOLDEN zone.

I promise this podcast is worth your time! Here’s why:

  1. Energy is our greatest resource. When you feel “off,” you can do all the things, and still NOT get the results you’re looking for. That’s because HOW you’re showing up energetically matters!
  2. If you’re an “energy swinger” like me, you’ll want to learn these specific remedies to get out of the hustle zone and into the GOLDEN zone
  3. You need to know Susan Trumpler! She’s a sales dynamo and my latest girl crush. I love everything about her mission and the energy she brings to her work. Her good vibes are contagious. Truly.

Listen here:

Here’s to less toil and more trust.