One of the first conversations in my group coaching program “The Creator Academy” is around creating boundaries. But not the ones you’d probably expect. These boundaries are with ourselves.

Why? Because when we’re ready to create something new, we must first create space.

Boundaries give us space to connect to our soul –and for busy, high-achievers, boundaries can also help us to stop being a slave to PRODUCTIVITY (aka our inner TASKMASTER.)

  • Here are some examples of boundaries with yourself that will help free up physical, emotional, and mental space:
  • Protect your time and schedule: create a meeting-free day and set time to step away from your desk.
  • Do less or less fast: don’t sign up for quick turnarounds when they’re unnecessary. You don’t have to be heroic all the time.
  • Don’t check email & social until after your morning routine or after 8 pm, value your own headspace.
  • Don’t do other people’s chores or job, it only enables them.
  • If you’re wrestling with a question or problem decide not to decide for a day or two. Don’t force yourself.
  • Don’t diminish yourself. Don’t apologize for your emotions, ideas, or experience.
  • Don’t fall into an all-or-nothing scenario –this is you forcing again.

In this video, I share a story of a time I realized how much I needed a boundary in order to protect myself from my inner TASKMASTER. It was a moment when I was trying to lose weight and in the process, I was brought face to face with my “blob.”

That encounter taught me that I needed boundaries to protect myself from my critical and unrelenting TASKMASTER.

You see, sometimes we are our own worst enemy and boundaries help us to love and honor ourselves–and that gives us the opening to change.

What boundaries do you need to negotiate for yourself?

To help you answer that question, I’m creating a free workbook called “24 Easy Ideas To Make Space For Your Soul.” It will be ready next week. Reach out if you want me to send you a copy

And if you’re ready to work 1:1, I’m available for that too.