When life feels off, our focus and productivity suffer. We don’t feel clear or creative, and we’re less likely to follow inner guidance, express ourselves, get visible, or lead.
In this class, I teach you how to take back your power through an approach called the Creator’s Compass and Energy Map. This tool is designed to help busy women tune in and get clear so they can stop spinning their wheels and start taking action toward creating the life they love.

✨Energy is our most important resource.✨

In this 1-hour workshop, you’ll learn a practical approach to managing your energy so that you can be the powerful CREATOR you are.

  • do you wish your life had less force and more flow?
  • do you overcommit and use up every last bit of energy?
  • are you drained just thinking about allthethings?
  • are you resisting a decision or tolerating a less than ideal situation?
  • do you know when to work and when to rest?

Start living a life you love!