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It happens to the best of us… where suddenly the Universe gives you an unexpected swift kick in the behind.

AKA – a Universal timeout.

All your preciously, manicured plans are in tatters and you are forced into a new beginning…and a new way of life.

But if you hang on tight and trust your journey, you’ll find that what once seemed like a painful ending, becomes the fuel for an incredible, transformation.

In this episode, Meredith Vaish of @pauseboxco, shares a story of healing and re-aligning to her life purpose after a shocking illness sidelined her from her career at Stanford University.

What she didn’t realize at the time was that her body wasn’t letting her down, but was saving her so she could live a life of more meaning, more joy, and more pleasure.

Meredith shares how she made the transition from pleasing, performing, and perfecting to discover the power of Pause.

In this episode, we dive into:
🔥 How to recognize the warning signs of being out of alignment with your purpose
🔥 She shares how her personal breakdown transformed into a breakthrough
🔥 She teaches the difference between distraction and restoration
🔥 What a Soulbbatical is
🔥 How to get started taking a break and feeding your Soul – even if you are incredibly overwhelmed already and the idea of taking a break makes you panic!
🔥 And so much more.

If you are getting signals from your body now, that something has to give or you know that your roots are seeking a deeper store of energy – tune into Ep. 69, The Power of Pause for some much-needed replenishment and inspiration.

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The Power of Pause