I learned early in life to notice what’s missing.

Not as a Debbie-downer–though I was a bit of a serious and sulky teen– but in order to process my full experience.

By viewing both the positive and negative spaces, I could glimpse the full picture and see the part begging to be filled in.

For those of you who follow the Enneagram, noticing what’s missing is a classic pattern for Type 4s. Luckily, seeing what’s missing is also a helpful skill as a coach.

I believe that each of us is whole and powerful, but we forget this wholeness when we fall into loss and disconnection.

My clients often come to me feeling they’ve lost themselves. They feel drained and disconnected and are eager to jump off the hamster wheel and look for a different way forward.

Recently, I’ve been asking my busy, go-getter clients this one, eye-opening question: What’s not being expressed in your life?

Here’s what they say:

  • Intimacy in my relationships
  • Letting others help me without feeling guilty
  • Time to restore and nourish my soul
  • Feeling complete in important areas of my life
  • New experiences
  • More fun
  • My intuition and voice
  • Joy and play

What would you add?

Is there any part of you that is being hidden but longs to express?

If so, name it. The minute you do, you invite in the possibility of wholeness again.

Great news! I will be offering my Creator Academy: A 60-Day Soulbbatical again in early September.

It’s for anyone who’s ready to feel whole and alive again, and it’s specifically designed to give you the energy, skills, and support you need to confidently step into your next chapter.