On International Women’s Day, I want to shed some light on the sneaky ways we undermine our success through self-abandonment.

Especially the smart, high achievers among us– we’re often the worst offenders!

But wait, how can that be?

How can doing all the “right” things bite us in the energetic ass?

It’s simple. We abandon the rich, potent knowing that is our body and soul and substitute it for external methods, approaches, and approval.

Here are some of the ways we do it:
1. We overrule our bodies (water, food, rest) and obey external schedules
2. We compare ourselves to others (and try to copy what they’re doing)
3. We follow advice from “experts” (at the expense of our own truth)
4. We don’t ask for help when we need it (or invest in the support we need, when we need it)
5. We get overly serious and taskmastery (choking off fun and pleasure)

What are the sneaky ways you leave yourself?

Seriously, we need to disrupt these old strategies because what once helped us survive is now killing us! {energetically}

It’s time to honor ourselves, our needs, and our knowing!

To your inner power!