I want to share something that’s been a true growth edge for me. It’s making room for PLEASURE. ✨

Whah!? How can that be hard?

Probably because I’m a life-time overachiever and over-doer. I’ve been very successful at hard work and getting sh@!t done. I’m so good at it–and rewarded for it–that it’s become a go-to strategy for me. In other words, it’s a habit. 

Here’s what I know for sure. To create a life and business you love, you have to practice opening to, asking for, and receiving pleasure. 

Pleasure can come in lots of forms. Here are some on my list to indulge in
*nourishing meals
*dressing up in clothes I love and that make me feel good
*adornment (beautiful lipstick or fun earrings, sexy underthings)
*gorgeous scents & essential oils
*snuggling with my man
*reading erotica (yes, I just went there!)
*and driving a blue ’67 Mustang convertible. 

Your turn. 

?Make a list of 5-10 experiences that help you feel pleasure. (Hint: Pleasure engages the senses – so start there!)

?Next, choose one pleasurable activity to enjoy in the next day or two. 

A juicy strawberry? A day when you follow your preference rather than your schedule?  Looking up at the night sky? (New Moon is this Friday so the sky will be extra silky and dark!)

Finally, appreciate how good pleasure feels.

But Meredith, I’m so busy! I get pleasure from crossing things off my checklist.

Nope. For this exercise, it’s got to involve the body’s senses! 

Before you dismiss this, let me share why this is so important.

Here’s what’s available to you when you make room for pleasure: 
– joy
– connection
– a lift in your mood
– calming your nervous system
– opening up to receive in your life & business
– connecting to the creative force of feeling
– more presence and access to inner guidance
– fun and play
– a stronger relationship with yourself and others

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