This month I turned 50.

I never thought I’d enjoy turning 50, but I find that when you’re doing what you love, age is pretty irrelevant.

As an entrepreneur, a pause mindset has become my most strategic tool. I take breaks, I back off, I do A LOT of walking to keep ideas and intuition flowing and I revel in the magical coincidences, inner-guidance and whim that show up. 

At 50, I’m now leaving behind rigid structures, old rules and outmoded habits of needing to prove my value or make things work. That goes for my body too. My face has more lines, more droop, more age spots. And yet, I have more tenderness for the woman I see in the mirror every day. 

At 50, I’m discovering that I’m actually playful and silly–and pretty F-ing funny.

I’ve been told one of my best qualities is my singing –and it’s not because I’m a good singer. It’s because I sing anyway. That makes me smile when I share that because I never saw myself as a “fun” person before now. I was always so serious back in my “professional” days.

There was so much pressure, overwhelm, constant defending, fixing and forcing that I didn’t have the space, or trust, to be open and fun.  

This is one area I’ve gotten very clear on at 50. Even though I can achieve most anything through sheer force– I’m strong willed, persistent, intense–I choose not to work that way anymore. 

Thanks to pause, I’ve found another approach that gives me a whole lot more energy, more fun and better results!

Now I practice listening and allowing. I note resistance when it pops up and listen for its message. I revel in possibility and set intentions. Most importantly, I cultivate clarity around the feeling I want to have more of in my life and I take action in that direction. 

These days, my job is to get my small-self (ego) out of the way and allow the big me to take the lead. That “big me” has access to intuition and insight, she let’s go of the how and focuses on the why. 

This larger version of myself sees the world and my relationships as an opportunity for growth–always teaching me where I can let go, where I can let it be easy, and where I can stand more powerfully.

It’s joyful to live in this way and work with others who want to feel the same.

That’s why 50 has become my most powerful, radiant, expressive, fun and creative time yet. 

My work now is to help others activate and hear their inner guidance through pause so they can use that clarity to transform their lives in lasting ways.

This is my mission because I believe we change the world one powerfully-clear human at a time. 

One of my favorite quotes on this theme is from Anne Lammott. She writes “Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.”

Imagine if you felt you could take a stand as you are, where you are and shine.

At 50, I feel my wattage is brighter than ever.

If you’ve got a milestone birthday coming up–or just want to know where you stand–consider giving yourself a Pause Day and get clear about what lights you up. Click to read more.

Shine on.

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