Have you ever had one of THOSE days? 

You’re cruisin’ down your list of to-dos when, BAM, a few conversations here and a bit of feedback there, and you’re totally overwhelmed? You stop taking notes because you just. can’t. absorb. one. more. task… ?⁠

At times like this, it’s tempting to ⁠want to crawl back into bed (or raid the fridge) and hope it will all just go away. 

But you know that will only make things worse. So, instead, try this:

1. Take 3 deep breaths⁠ 
2. Get all your tasks on paper with a mind map (draw circles and spokes of the to-dos and how they interrelate.)⁠
3. Get distance. Take a walk, move into another room, go outside 
4. Clear some clutter. Do the dishes, clean your desk, fold some laundry.⁠
5. Plan some fun. This is essential. Put it on the calendar! ?⁠
6. Reengage with your to-do list. What feels good to do next? (don’t should yourself). ⁠

I bet you didn’t consider step #5 before, did you?

?reply and let me know what you think. Anything else you’d add?