Hello Brilliant Friends, 

Some of you know that I design Pause Days. These are custom-created private retreats that help high-performing, over-doers get clarity and rejuvenation through intentional pause.

Today I’m sharing with you some of the ingredients that go into the “secret sauce” of those retreats. Each Pause Day is designed in seven parts:

  • Inquiry 
  • Movement
  • Stillness
  • Awe & inspiration
  • Reflection
  • Ritual
  • Devotion

When you put them all together they really pack a wallop. But even individually, these practices powerfully uplift your spirit and reconnect you to what matters. 

Since it’s unlikely that you’ll find a big block of time this holiday to step away from the hustle and bustle, I’ve come up with this list to help you sneak in some pause where you can.

See what lands for you.

>>please hit reply and let me know. Also, tell me any of your favorite pause-worthy mini-moments that I missed!


  • Ask yourself 2-3 questions about what’s coming up for you right now. For example, what do I want to celebrate and grow? What am I looking to create? What is no longer serving me and needs to go? Just ask the question and see what you notice.
  • Ask your body, “how am I really feeling?” or “what do I really need?” and wait for it to answer. (I repeat this at least 5 times, each answer reveals deeper truths for me. Take your time.) 


  • Take a walk. Notice the abundance of leaves, snowflakes or blue sky.
  • Car sing, loudly.
  • Stretch your body and revel in the feeling of openness.
  • Play music and dance –preferably when no one’s watching.


  • Do a meditation from the free app, Insight Timer, to help block out distractions and access inner calm. Try different styles: guided, visualization, ambient music, sound bath… so much to choose from.

Awe & Inspiration

  • Be in awe of nature’s power: storms, blankets of snow, or brilliant sunshine.
  • Delight in wonder. Revel in the magnificence of the human body or the creative talents of Mendelssohn or Nat King Cole. Personally, my family and I are basking in the visual and storytelling brilliance of His Dark Materials on HBO.


  • Treat yourself to some journaling time. Use this prompt, “where am I right now?” start with the obvious, then go inward.
  • Record a dream  and see what it teaches you. Google interpretations but only take the ones that feel true. 
  • Go through your calendar and review the year. Record the celebrations and setbacks. Feel gratitude for all the resources, allies (and even enemies) that played a hand in getting you where you are today.


  • Embrace the rituals of the season. Lights, holiday music, food and festivities – or make your own ritual (I love turning the lights out early and just using candles at night).
  • Bring mindfulness to your morning coffee. Use your senses and appreciate the richness of the experience.

Devotion & Gratitude

  • Find something to love about your life or at least find ways to allow what is –just as it is.
  • Dedicate yourself to an ideal: beauty, generosity, kindness. Find small ways to express it. 

I hope these provide you with some pause-worthy moments that you can squeeze in between now and New Years.


Meredith Vaish

Chief Clarity Officer, Pause Box



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Here’s what one client had to say, “I left the Pause much more in tune with myself. I am going through a personal transition and I left the pause feeling that I was on the right path.”