Energy is our most precious –and powerful– resource.

When we feel energetically “on”, we’re full of possibility and confidence and feel things are going our way. In a word, we feel powerful, like the CREATORS we are. ⁠

In this energy, we create the lives we love through aligned relationships, thoughts, and actions.

When our energy is off, we feel grumpy, have a hard time focusing, and we resist doing the things on our to-do list. We want to hide, distract ourselves, and we start doubting the big picture.

We feel powerless.

As a busy professional, does this roller coaster of ups and downs feel familiar?

I know what it’s like to be easily tripped up by my energetic swings.

But now, instead of thinking there’s something wrong with me, I see these low-energy episodes as an invitation to grow in my self-awareness and an invitation to step into my power. 🧡⁠

I developed the Creator’s Compass & Energy Map to help me manage my energy and take back my power. And now I’m sharing it with you. ⁠

My hope is that it will help you get past the funk and get back into your high-vibe, CREATOR energy.⁠

Learn this practical approach at my upcoming 1-hour workshop.
Friday, April 9 @ noon PT / 3 ET.⁠

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If you can’t join the class but still want to improve your awareness of how you’re showing up energetically, take this quiz. ⁠

Here’s to living your most powerful life!

Here’s what they’re saying about the Manage Your Energy & Take Back Your Power Workshop:

“This workshop was the perfect mix of learning something new and applying it to my own life. The framework Meredith shared for understanding how I am using my energy was so simple and so powerful. Not only did it help me understand my past patterns more it’s something I can use to support myself going forward.”
– Jessica, Course Designer and Entrepreneur

“I’m so glad I attended this workshop. Meredith really knows her craft and the approach she shares makes learning how to manage my energy so simple.”
– Jen, Bakery Owner

“I highly recommend Meredith’s workshop to anyone feeling out of whack or in need of more balance and peace.”
– Audra, writing coach, entrepreneur, & busy mom

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✨Save when you use coupon code GOLDEN.✨⁠