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With this newsletter, I’m celebrating the official launch of Pause Box. 

Why now? Because I need to start. 


I’ve been going back and forth, letting one deadline get absorbed by another, and waiting to be “ready.”

And by “ready,” let’s be clear, I’m waiting to be perfect and to do things perfectly.

I’m waiting to have all the knowledge, the material, the customer data, the strategy all lined up and intricately mapped out. (I am a recovering Communication Strategist, after all).

And that’s such a trap. 

If I wait until I’m “ready,” I’ll be waiting for a looooong time. Right? 

In my coaching group, this is a popular theme. 

Many of us are waiting to have more answers:

waiting to have it figured out, 

waiting to know how it will work, 

waiting to feel totally prepared,

waiting to know what’s next… and what’s after that. 

Here’s the thing. When you wait for all that detail. You stop. 

And I’m not talking about a good, productive stop– like a pause– I’m talking about a grinding halt kind of stop. A deer in the headlights stop. And there’s a big cost to that: YOU. 

Your brilliance, your gifts, your expansion, your next, wonderful You gets delayed or worse, never comes to life. And that’s just too high a price. The world needs your brilliance.

So here’s what I’m practicing today. I’m showing up. I’m starting, imperfectly. I’m practicing being present over perfect.

I’ll say that again: Present over perfect.

Care to join me? Is there a place in your life right now where you can practice being imperfect too? 

Maybe try out a new fitness class (Barre anyone?), Step into a new project at work, start writing that book or article you’ve been thinking about, apply for a new position you’re not entirely “ready” for, or start a company. 🙂

When you show up, you trigger flow. Things come together in ways you could never have planned –and certainly never have mapped out sequentially. And it all starts with starting. 

But wait, you say. This is terrible advice. If I start before I’m “ready” I might end up wasting time or (worse) wasting money or (even worse) looking stupid!  

And to that I say, you’re right. You might experience a little of all three. But here’s where I’ll remind you of this proverb: Don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good. 

See, I’m willing to bet that for high-achieving women like us, our get-by is still pretty darn good. And whatever we work out in the moment is likely to offer value.

Even more, because we are improvers by nature, we’re going to take that starting point and level it up as we learn.  

And yes, we may look lost for a minute but then we ask for directions (because you know we women know how to do that!) and voila, we’re on the road again!

So, are you ready?

Reply to this email and tell me what you’re going to start, big or small. Extra points if you don’t feel qualified or don’t have all the answers!

The gift in not being perfect, is being now. And NOW is where the magic happens!

Go ahead, see what breaks through!


Meredith Vaish

Chief Clarity Officer, Pause Box


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