Hi << Test First Name >>,

What kind of relationship do you have with your body? Good, bad, indifferent?

What if I told you that your connection with your body might be the key to unlocking your best life?

My soul work accelerated when I started nourishing and listening to my body.

Looking back, my body has always been my greatest ally in pointing the way forward.

She gets my attention through aches and pains, imbalances, medical issues, and (ugh) weight gain!

I used to feel so betrayed by her (It’s unfair! Why is this happening to me?) but now I appreciate her no- B.S. style.

When she needs something, she speaks up!

My body also points me toward pleasure, play, and fun helping me find flow through movement and feeling.

What if you tended to your body as a bestie? What if you stopped punishing, criticizing, and ignoring the insights she’s here to share?

What if you spent more time embodied?

I talk about how life after 50 requires us to ditch what we’ve learned and step into what we KNOW. Connecting to your body’s KNOWING is one of the best energies to fast-track your life.

Your body is your greatest ally and you can ask her for help anytime. What kind of life could you create with her grounded support?

As part of my community, you’re likely already energetically savvy.

This isn’t your first rodeo.

However, there are ways to practice your energy that can help you create powerfully in the world, and ways that can cut you off.

Who wants to create more potently?

I know I do.

If you’re curious about what it would look like to live life more GOLDEN, let’s talk. (If you haven’t yet heard of the GOLDEN ZONE, take my quiz here)

I’m here to take a stand for you and the whole, powerful, and embodied woman you are!