There are two energies that are crucial in creating a life you love: appreciation & celebration.

Many of us are already pretty good at appreciation.

But as high-achievers, we either forget to celebrate what we’ve done because we’re off to the next thing, or we diminish it, call it a fluke, or don’t take full credit for our win because we don’t think it was 100% perfect or 100% our own effort.

A lot of this resistance to celebrating is because our culture discourages it. We’re taught that singing our own praises is self-absorbed.

And, as women, we often minimize our wins because we don’t want to shine too brightly (that can make us a target for criticism), we don’t want others to feel less than us, or we don’t want to be seen as a braggart.

I’m here to tell you that CELEBRATING is an essential success skill.

Celebrating your wins and achievements, big or small, not only feels really good but also boosts your physiology and attitude, and helps position you for even more success.

Most importantly, celebration helps you step into and OWN the Creator you are.

You are powerful.

So, as you welcome the new year, make a point to gather up and list out all those celebratory goodies from 2021.

Jot down why you’re so proud of yourself–maybe it’s because of what you learned, discovered, or overcame.

Notice how amazing you are, let it soak in. Relish it.

And guess what? In 2022, you get to create even more!

Shine bright!

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