On Friday I turned 53! 

I spent my birthday in checkups with my optometrist (reading glasses), dermatologist (skin damage), and physical therapist (bum knee).

I could have told myself a story about how my body is falling apart… but I didn’t. Instead, I relished taking care of this beautiful ally and lifelong partner: my body.

But I’ll confess, the ability to love on myself is pretty recent. 

For those of you who’ve been part of my Full Living After 50 journey, you know that I was battling my body for some time –probably my whole life if I’m honest.

Body shaming, self-rejection, and constant judgment were the norm from ages 7-47.

I’m not unique. 

Most of us struggle with a sense of “not enoughness” and we slip into pleasing, proving, and perfectionism as a strategy to feel okay.  

No judgment. I credit these strategies for much of my external success.

But there’s a trade-off.

There’s a point at which your survival strategies are killing you.

Am I right?

Tell me this: what would it feel like to retire the strategies of try harder, work more, be better?

What would change in your life?

Would you have more energy, more confidence, and better relationships? 


Would you feel like you’re finally getting to be the person you are meant to be? 


At 53, I’ve ditched the old strategies and now focus on radical self-acceptance. I honor my needs, my feelings, and my body. I cultivate a daily connection to my soul and trust in her guidance. 

I’m in no way perfect at it, and I don’t need to be! Every day feels a little more magical.

Menopause has been a catalyst for my deepest healing. 🧡 

With each new “issue,” there’s an invitation to go deeper.
*What do I want?
*How can I show up for myself?
*How can I support and celebrate my body, my life, my energy? 

Menopause or not, If you’re feeling disconnected from your body and soul, pay attention and get support – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Your energy is everything. 

Midlife can be your most potent time. Don’t settle for “making do.”

Let me know if you want my support.

My birthday wish is that we enjoy more freedom, more joy, and more expression!