Have you ever had a place call your soul?

Whether it’s the sun-swept coastline, old-growth forests, expansive hilltops or lazy lake shores, there’s at least one place where your body and soul come alive.

For me, I’ve always been called to the reverence of red rock. I first discovered its power in my late 20s exploring the riches of Southern Utah– a 5-hr drive from Salt Lake City where I grew up.

But two years ago, “Mother Sedona” called me to visit. At least that’s how I remember it.

I was journaling about a girls-trip in nearby Phoenix scheduled around my birthday and a voice quite distinctly jumped into my head and made the invitation.

(This isn’t as cooky as it sounds… I’ve come to learn that my intuition speaks to me this way).

This idea wouldn’t have been such a big deal except that I had made plans to visit my own mother during that trip. But due to a falling out, I made the difficult decision to cancel those plans.

Looking back on it, I think “Mother Sedona” was calling me to heal my own mother wound –To create a new relationship with myself, claiming my authority and authentic power–bound by neither my mother’s expectations nor society’s.

During that first visit, in the freezing winds of February, I found profound healing.

For three magical days, I laid down my Hustle and my fears of not-enoughness and RESTED in Sedona’s embrace.

Because of the full-body peace I felt on that first trip, I knew I would be back.

And I would bring with me other powerful women who also desire to be free from the need to always do, always prove, and always perform.

When you come to Sedona, the energy aligns your body, mind, and spirit so that whatever you have buried emotionally or energetically begins to heal.

That same energy helps you connect deeply to your soul’s desires and amplifies the power of your intentions.

The locals describe the vibrating vortex energy of Sedona as a robust, creative, motivating, inspiring, and feminine presence. The vortexes are thought to be energy fields in the earth’s grid system and intersections between our natural world and the celestial healing realm.

My Full Living Sedona Retreat is all about learning how to manage your energy so you can step into your biggest dreams without draining yourself.

You do this by letting go of the pleasing, proving, and perfectionism and replacing it with INTUITIVE CONFIDENCE and the inspired action that creates EXPANSIVE, SOUL-YES RESULTS.

Life can feel magical when you know you’re fully resourced to live your biggest and best life.

I invite you to join me this July 17-21.

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What better way to mother yourself than a soul-inspired week in Sedona?

Massive clarity, fun, and a whole lotta Hell-Yes! are waiting for you.