I used to overwork and then burn out.
I used to think I had to be 100% on all the time in order to achieve my goals.
I used to believe I had to get it all done.

As the founder of Pause Box, I’ve had to learn a different approach to doing –one that honors my creative rhythm and in turn, helps me create the life and business I love.

I’m calling it the Creator Cycle and it looks something like this.

Creative Burst ==> Recovery
Explosive Activity ==> Monk Mode
Output ==> Input

What I’ve learned as an entrepreneur (and this applies to my friends in corporate jobs as well) is that the elusive “Work-Life Balance” doesn’t happen when we strive for 50/50 (is that even possible?).

Balance happens when we alternate the energies of sprint and recovery.

It turns out that we need both energies to feed our Inner Creator and to thrive physically, emotionally, and SPIRITUALLY.

I’m going to take a wild guess that you already know what a SPRINT looks like (many of us are stuck in this mode) but you may be curious about what RECOVERY looks like. Here’s a graphic that shows the difference.

When in SPRINT mode, your energy is focused on delivery, achieving, and realizing your goals. Alternately, in RECOVERY mode, your energy shifts into relaxing, trusting, and resetting.

It’s in RECOVERY where we recommit to our vision and recharge our intentions for the next wave of growth.

So what does this RECOVERY mode look like practically?

  • It can last a day, a week, or longer.
  • It usually starts with decluttering and organizing (you know how messy things get in SPRINT mode?!)
  • It’s time away from your phone and desk, usually outside.
  • It’s long walks and singing at max volume in the car,
  • it’s taking time to try out a new recipe, listen to a new audiobook, or read a spiritual text.
  • It’s giving yourself permission to ebb and flow through the day and follow what feels good. What chores?!
  • It’s attending to your feelings and your important relationships.
  • It’s celebrating your past wins and appreciating all the resources available to you.
  • It’s taking a break from initiating any new projects.
  • It’s listening to your inner guide and reacquainting yourself with what you desire
  • From the outside, it looks a lot like doing nothing

What do you think? Can you see the possibility? Can you give yourself permission to take the space?

How to get ahead while honoring your ebb & flow