When faced with today’s headlines, do you feel overwhelmed and anxious? Do you feel that you’re not doing enough? Or exhausted by the enormity of the problems of the world?

Yeah, me too.

In this quick video, I share my go-to question that helps reset energy and align actions. This question also brings instant relief because it reminds you of your power rather than your (perceived) powerlessness.

In the video, I also mention a new meditation I’m offering to help up-level your energy.

Email me and I will send the audio recording to you.

I call it the “whole enchilada” meditation. It’s inspired by the amazing work of Mind Valley’s Vishen Lakhiani and customized for the needs of busy, high-achieving women. In just one meditation, you’ll make space for

  • compassion
  • gratitude
  • forgiveness
  • vision
  • segment intending
  • blessing and divine ask

Let me know if you want it.