Have you ever been soul-tired? 

The daily grind has got you. There’s not much to inspire you. There’s work and more work and even taking a day off doesn’t restore you. You’re impatient and cranky and you don’t even have an explanation for it. You just feel off.⁠


You’re itching for something new. You’re ready to answer the question, “what next?” and you’re excited (though a bit scared) to go and create it!⁠

?If so, you might consider taking a soulbbatical.⁠

“Sabbatical” is the traditional term used to describe taking a rest or break from work. ⁠

I use the term “SOULbbatical” to emphasize the fact that the rest you’re taking is in service to your soul. ?⁠

* it’s time away from the usual habits and routines⁠
* it’s time spent in reflection and inquiry⁠
* it’s time spent exploring a new way of being⁠
* It’s time spent gaining clarity on what truly matters to you⁠
* It’s time devoted to creating the next version of you ⁠

I know a lot about the creative power of soulbbaticals. Pause Box, my company, was born as a result of my first soulbbatical 3 years ago. ?⁠

But soulbbaticals don’t have to mean leaving your job or taking a year off, and you don’t have to do them alone. ⁠

In fact, I’ve designed a 90-day program to help busy, businesswomen create clarity and momentum in their life without leaving home or your job.?⁠

If you sense a soulbbatical might be right for you, let’s talk.⁠ In the meantime, watch this video where I share more about the power of soulbbaticals. 

Here’s to living with more soul!