Do you ever find yourself making decisions that feel heavy…

Weighed down with shoulds and expectations…  

Burdened with the pressure to look good or get it right? 

Recently, I realized how this heavy energy was making my business planning feel too serious.

I drafted the details of a new project but after sleeping on it, I woke up feeling “ugh”… as much as I loved the project conceptually, it just didn’t feel like fun to actually DO. 

That’s when I realized my program felt “heavy” and I asked myself what would lighten it up? 

In a coaching conversation later that day, the words “Do the LIGHT thing,” dropped in. I laughed when I recognized how genius that advice is! 

What if we made decisions from a place of playfulness and fun vs. heavy seriousness? 

To be clear, I’m not talking about blowing off responsibility or results and I’m definitely not talking about putting a positive spin on things.

This goes much deeper.

Doing the “Light” thing is about tuning into your Inner Creator and asking, what would I love? Then trusting the answer.  

It’s NOT asking what is acceptable or what would make me look good.  

Fulfillment comes from honoring your needs and trusting your gut wisdom. 

And that’s what you’re doing when you do the LIGHT thing!

Here’s what it means to do the LIGHT thing in your life and business:

  • choose what feels good, what fuels you
  • beware of acting on what others want for you or doing what you “should” do
  • make clean choices grounded in what you really desire not settling or taking only what’s offered in the circumstance
  • fun and pleasure are excellent reasons to do something, even big financial things!

When you hold things “lightly” notice how open and creative you become!

What would it look like to let go of the heavy energy around decision-making? 

Are you ready to “Do the LIGHT Thing?”