After sitting with the Supreme Court’s decision to curtail women’s freedoms, I’m caught between the urge to dwell on what’s so terribly broken or to focus on a vision for women’s lives that’s still possible. 

… despite the resistance and perceived setbacks.
… despite the betrayal and grief.

I am resolved to use my freedom to speak up, show up, and fund organizations and ideas that support and protect all people and offer healing to our world.

Importantly, since what happens “out there” is a mirror of what’s happening “in here,” I also commit to cultivating compassion for the places where I show up divisive, judgmental, righteous, fearful, and controlling. 

It’s these energies that are wreaking havoc in our world right now, and I have no desire to fuel them.

To these rigid patterns, I offer the salve of compassion and the creative energies of self-honoring and trust.

I take comfort that my BEINGNESS has immeasurable value.

Finally, as I was putting my thoughts to paper today, I took a break to read my colleague’s book released this very weekend.

In it, she shares her experience of losing her son to addiction and the profound spiritual gifts from her healing journey.  

Her words feel very timely and they embolden me:

“One of the biggest challenges of being alive is to witness the injustice of the world and not allow it to consume our light.”

–Julie Flippin, “The True Quest: Finding Spiritual Gifts Through Grief”

That seems the ultimate Pro-Choice, doesn’t it? 

Let’s choose this in the days and years ahead.