When’s the last time you took a pause and reflected on what you wanted out of life? Or better yet, just to be fully present? If you’re like most, it’s been a while (or maybe never)…

Which is why I can’t wait for you to meet Meredith Vaish, of @pauseboxco, my next guest on Rock Your Reinvention IG Live! Like me, Meredith was overworked and constantly staying busy with one thing or the other! Always performing and trying to prove she could handle anything thrown her way, she soon found herself completely burnt out!

Forced to take disability leave from work (at her doctor’s orders), she was suddenly faced with the reality of what she had done to herself. She had neglected her body, her soul, and her thoughts! This kicked off an amazing healing journey that brought her to coaching high-achieving women (especially those over 50).

Tune in live on Monday 9/12 at 12 PM ET to learn how you:

🌟 how taking a pause can be the best thing for you

🌟 why “doing” doesn’t equate to your “value” and how you can let go of those feelings

🌟 build a support network to help you through career changes

🌟 understand your energy and how that impacts your decisions

In 30 minutes…you’ll be inspired to go after your dreams and achieve your life goals. So, block your calendars for Monday 9/12 at 12 PM ET.