I just got home from two back-2-back retreats.

The first one was a wellness and culinary retreat in Italy and the second was a Sourced Experience business retreat in Florida.

(photos on my FB page.)

Here’s what I learned:

1. Being taken care of rocks!
2. There’s nothing more powerful than being in a group of people committed to transformation.
3. Retreats are an accelerant. DIY won’t get you there as quickly.
4. Taking space away from the everyday helps you see new possibilities for your life.
5. Masterful coaches see you at your most powerful and hold that vision with you.

Before I started my business, I looked at retreats as a luxury and something other people did. I was fine taking classes, reading books, and getting by.

But now I consider retreats an absolute necessity. Retreats help me let go of default energy and support me as I create the next version of me! 

I can’t imagine being all that I am without the support of retreats.

If you’re tired of going it alone, I invite you to retreat with me.  

>>Join me on retreat in Sedona and connect to the vision of your most expansive and expressed life. 

Slow Down Sedona happens July 11-15. It includes an immersive, all-inclusive experience plus a 3-month coaching container. 

Details are here: www.pauseboxco.com/mastery