Do you take a pause when you need one?

It’s not easy, is it?

There’s a lot of momentum behind the doing and go-go-go. In fact, we often think that if we take a pause we’ll need to work twice as hard to catch up again. 

But here’s the thing. The life that you step back into post-pause, is not the same life you left. Because YOU’VE changed, considerably. 

What if I told you that taking a pause actually accelerates your results –without using more energy?

Here are 10 incredible ways your life changes on pause:

1. You listen and identify what’s calling you 
2. You dream and connect to what delights you 
3. You get to Be vs Do and revel in uninterrupted YOU time
4. You recharge in nature and beauty
5. You get playful without agenda, nothing to prove, lots o’ fun
6. You relax, rest and let go
7. You receive insights, downloads, and messages from your soul
8. You expand by asking what’s next for you
9. You transform and step into your truth more fully 
10. You feel the “great fullness” of your life and invite more of it.

Remember: Pause isn’t the absence of doing. It’s the most powerful doing there is.

What’s my favorite kind of Pause?
Retreat, of course.

Ready to join me?

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