I had a very potent conversation with Meredith Vaish, Certified Sourced Leader, about how you can gain clarity when you PAUSE from the HUSTLE of your business and life.

This is part of my Certified Sourced Leaders Interview series where graduates of my Certified Sourced Leaders Certification program share their vision of transformation and the transformative opportunities they have available.

In our conversation we discussed:
✨ Her story, the power of pause, and her masterpiece, PauseBox.
✨ The four energies.
✨ The importance of self-honoring.
✨ What it means to her to be a Sourced Leader.

I am loving these Certified Sourced Leader interviews and seeing first-hand the beautiful work our leaders are doing in the world.

Check out Meredith’s interview, Pause from the Hustle to Gain Clarity, over on my YouTube channel.