Going through the mail this week, I spotted a tagline from the WSJ worth sharing.

“Trust your source. Trust your decisions.”

Coming from a news organization, trusting source means checking your facts, and being alert to bias. In the context of your life, trusting SOURCE (God, Creative Intelligence, Intuition) requires different alertness altogether, one that takes into account your energy.

What is YOUR source for guidance?

Is it the shoulds and ought tos out there? or is it the knowing in here?

How do you know you’re making the “right” decisions?

As you arrive at midlife, deciding who you are, what you need, and why you’re here is increasingly important. And there’s no outside expert who can pull that together for you.

It’s an inside job.   

A gut check, synchronicity, an intuitive hit– it’s all Source guiding you.  What if you could trust it?

What if you could lean into your inner guidance just 10% more? 

What if you could trust your decisions, trust your circumstances, and trust your ability to create a life you love?

Right now. 

Even with all of the old patterns, outmoded habits, and body and life changes?

Especially now.

Yes, you can. 

As Brene Brown puts it, “you’re halfway to dead. Get a move on.”

This November, I’m taking 6 women on an all-inclusive, 4-night luxury retreat and transformational coaching container to Sedona, Arizona.

This Full Living Retreat is for women who are ready to take a break from the hustle and make room for your soul’s guidance in a powerful way.

On retreat, you will:

  • Create major breakthroughs about how you’re showing up and what shifts will make all the difference
  • Have confidence using your intuition as a guide – even in high-stakes situations
  • Create soul-level clarity and momentum in your life

If you’re leaning in, let’s talk.