I’m often asked what type of woman shows up for my retreats.

Well, I suspect, she probably looks a lot like you.

By that I mean, smart, busy, get-it-done women who have forgotten to tend to their own energy, creativity, and joy.

As a Clarity Coach, I know this problem well. Not only have I worked with dozens of hustling, high-achievers, I’ve been one myself. 

And I can tell you, life started to get WAY more fun, meaningful, and even more profitable when I learned to ditch the Hustle.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help women find a way to step into their biggest dreams without draining themselves.

And one of the fastest ways to reclaim your passion and energy…

Is on retreat.

If you’re not familiar with my energy retreats, here’s how they work: 

* First, you receive tools and coaching from me to get very clear on what’s up for you and where you’re being blocked –these are old default energies that are usually hidden from your view. 

* Next, you get present to what you truly desire and what you want to create next in the world. This is where you go big and feel into what’s possible.

* Finally, guided by intuition, you name and claim the energy you are becoming and start to be that person through embodiment and inspired action.

This powerful transformation happens through 1:1 work with me, group coaching, our retreat experiences, and most importantly, being in a community with other high-vibration, resourceful women. 

And did I mention that we get to do this while soaking in the rugged beauty of the Sedona Desert in private, luxury accommodations? 

Who doesn’t want a big helping of THAT!

The women who retreat with me are tired of feeling tired.

Instead, they want to:
* Create results without having to over-deliver, work more arduous hours, or constantly prove themselves
* Have confidence using their intuition as a guide – even in high-stakes situations
* Enjoy soul-level clarity that inspires and up-levels their life

The Full Living After 50 Retreat is November 14-18.  Let’s talk to see if it’s a fit!

But don’t take my word for it, here’s what my retreat clients are saying:

“Retreat was a major turning point for me. I needed a leg up and I got it.”
–Laura R. Project Designer, New York 

“I highly recommend Pause Box and Meredith’s coaching to anyone looking to break out of a creative rut and take yourself to the next level.”
–Miranda M., Entrepreneur & Writer, Ontario, Canada 

I was somewhat skeptical of retreat, as the mere thought of slowing down strikes fear in my heart, but Meredith effortlessly and gracefully guided me down the path.”
–Raquel T., Realtor, Salt Lake City

 If you’ve read this far, you’re ready for A New Way Forward. 

Deep down, you’re being called to make more impact in the world, to expand your belief in what’s possible, and powerfully connect to your truth in order to live a more whole and fully-expressed life.

Say, Yes.

Let’s talk.