At a conference this weekend, I met many motivated, high-caliber women who fell into one of two categories:
– The ones that knew exactly what they wanted to create next in their lives, and 
– The ones that weren’t sure exactly what they wanted to do next but felt they were on the verge of something significant 

And here’s what I noticed.

Regardless of certainty of vision or clarity, both groups of women cycled in and out of confidence when it came to creating change in their life. 

One even asked, “If the change is the right one, shouldn’t it feel solid? How will I know?”

Such a great question.

Humans are built for homeostasis. Our emotional safety requires routine and a familiar path. So, when it’s time to change, to expand, to lean into our edge, we usually freak ourselves right out of it.

And, we judge our back and forth-ness as wishy-washy or waffling and a reason NOT to take action.

But actually, the back and forth is typically just the wobbling of our new, Bambi legs as we step into a bigger vision of Who We Came Here To Be. 

It’s not a sign we’re on the wrong path at all. It’s quite the opposite!

Here’s what I want you to know about change.

Whether you’re clear or unclear, confident or insecure, wishy or washy, change takes support.
* We need someone to hold us in our possibility, not in our past. 
* We need to be reminded to tune in and trust our inner guidance and intuition.
* We need to feed ourselves with space and nourishing thoughts.
* We need help discerning our own timing and choices.

So don’t be too quick to presume a confidence “wobble” as a sign to back off your efforts. It could be an indicator that you’re embarking on new and important territory.

For those of you leaning in, I want to offer this invitation.

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* Attune to your feminine gifts of receiving 
* Restore your body, mind, and spirit
* Renew the vision of your best life 
* Be part of a community of women who uplift and inspire 

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